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Stop Flying Blind, Let Nothing Get By You 

Automatically capture everything, from WeChat to WhatsApp

Be a Hero to Yourself and your Company

Prevent harmful communications before they are ever even created


Demonstrate next-level proactivity, prove the negative

Make compliance training useful 

Guide and inform in-the-moment, quantitatively measure compliance

Easily Identify Issues

Wash trades, spoofing, layering, and pre-post slamming

Quickly Determine Intent

The combined dataset lets you quickly affirm or negate


Multi-Channel Monitoring

Monitor communications sent from multiple different sources on one page by date, employee, or service provider.

Lightning Fast Remediation

Clear hundreds of communications in the click of a mouse.

Save > 83% of the time normally spent on surveillance

Compliance software built by designers, incorporates a thoughtful approach to make the compliance remediation process easy

Monitor Everything. Seriously, Everything.

Our Unsanctioned Communications Monitor allows you to monitor every keystroke made in your enterprise. Monitor any piece of text written on your company machines.


Search All Communication Channels At Once

Get the full picture by collecting all communication channels into one dashboard. Run reports & export collections of problematic communciations.

Get a holistic view

Email, IM, Trades, and Voice, all in one elegant dashboard.

Review and Action effortlessly

One-click view of lexicon "hits", one click case creation


Automatic de-duplication

One message sent to 6 monitored employees is remediated with one-time action

Spot new risks easily

Word cloud and network graph go beyond lexicon-based search to help discover areas of interest

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