Our Team

Anish Parikh
Founder, CEO

Everyone in my family is a doctor, except for me. Mom, dad, older brother, sister-in-law, younger brother, cousins…all doctors. Me: I love navigating uncertainty for people to realize their great visions, and I love improving lives through great product. With our development team, I designed our AI and technology stack, and oversaw all aspects of product development until Emily stepped in. Today I am our salesperson, marketer, and fundraiser in chief.
Alma Mater: MIT.

Evan Caron
Co-Founder, Advisor

As a trader, I saw how reckless people could be over company email and IM, even when they knew that every communication was monitored, by law. I sat through countless compliance training courses, which left little impact on anyone. I believe the workplace of the future has every aspect of an employee’s digital behavior monitored — because it is better for everyone. Employees don’t need to have their careers ended for silly things they’ve said. Companies don’t need to pay millions in fines for avoidable liabilities. I believe people and companies need to protect themselves, and that the current revolution in AI provides the best way for that to happen. I advise Anish and Emily on product and corporate strategy wherever I can.

Emily Wing
VP of Product

I’m an actress, turned designer, turned marketer, turned product manager, turned entrepreneur — I taught myself to code before going to work at my design job at a sporting goods company. When I had to leave my job to go on maternity leave, I launched a social event planning platform called OctoProjects. Anish and I knew each other for years but had never worked together — when Whistler found itself in a pinch, having just parted ways with its product manager, I jumped in and never looked back. I oversee all aspects of our platform — UX, technology, and implementation — and help out in marketing and sales wherever I can.
Alma Mater: Carnegie Mellon.


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