Our Team

Anish Parikh
Co-founder and CEO

Anish is a graduate of MIT and has 15 years of software and executive experience. Anish has successfully launched a number of products, and holds patents in the energy industry. Outside of work, Anish is a tennis enthusiast and enjoys Cross country skiing and spending time with his family.

Evan Caron
Founder and Chief Architect

Evan is an experienced product strategist and entrepreneur. An advisor to numerous startups, Evan's touch is apparent in many of the primary applications used by commodities traders, as well as around Austin's food scene. A former power and gas trader, Evan has been responsible for delivering over $100M of value to shareholders at Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and Mercuria. Outside of work Evan enjoys juicing and spending time with his rescued pups.

Emily Wing
VP of Product

Emily is a digital storyteller who weaves visual experiences and practical needs into new media narratives. Passionate and practiced in Information Architecture, Product Management and User Experience Design for consumer and enterprise applications. Carnegie Mellon Graduate.

Abigail Nix
VP Growth

Lorem Abi is a marketing guru with proven results generating demand and capturing it- particularly in content and digital marketing. Abi is passionate about empowering career women and promoting equality in the workplace. On her days off, Abi loves to travel, go to music festivals, and spend time outdoors.

Jodie Navarre
Operations Analyst

Jodie has been involved in business development from her first consulting trip during college in South Africa to starting a styrofoam recycling business. Her entrepreneurial mindset formed at a young age and has grown from small hobbies to adding value and insight for companies. Outside of work, she loves triathlon, playing ultimate Frisbee, traveling, food adventuring, and all things music.

Nedim Sahovic
Software Developer

Nedim has seven years of Enterprise level IT Pro experience, installing, monitoring and troubleshooting various complex IT solutions. He enjoys working on system integrations and is happy to help with any situation that comes up. In his free time, he loves to travel and spend time with his family.

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