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In the ever-expanding world of communications, we check everything.  Even apps like Wickr or WhatsApp, where users can communicate through encrypted channels.   

  • Maintain company policies in all company communications
  • Monitor and prevent sensitive information leaks
  • Get assurance that your culture is a healthy and productive one for everyone.
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"It's possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." 

Real-Time Monitoring

Don’t trust the privacy and security of your team to chance. Keep an eye on what’s happening in your workplace and spot bad actors before they can cause trouble. Whistler runs in the background, monitoring and analyzing all of your enterprise’s emails, IMs, phone calls, and more, including those that happen within encrypted apps and on social media. Never again wonder about what’s happening in your company.

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Analytics & Risk Scoring

See whats important. Fast.

Employees send thousands of IMs and emails a day. Our AI-Enabled Risk-scorer lets you see what is most important to you. First. It learns from both your intial configurations and continuing behavior.

  • Get Relationship reports
  • Surface complex issues
  • Find and address hostile communications immediately
  • Train employee in moment when their behavior triggers a warning

Ready to be relaxed?

Get out of the way of your best and brightest by creating a healthy and productive work environment for them.

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